Enough! A New Direction for NSW

We’ve told you what the NSW isn’t doing in the Hall of Shame, now let’s tell you how we will take these issues on.  These supplement and also refer to our overall policy directions found elsewhere under this menu.

To truly change direction, the NSW Government must re-align what it does but as importantly how it does it.  The public have grown cynical of pronouncements that are misleading or soon forgotten.  We need a commitment to objectives that are backed by evidence and a process that ensures compliance.  We don’t have all of the answers, but we believe these provide a start.

Change how government works

  • Mandate that all infrastructure projects are independently assessed on updated cost-benefit ratios before being announced, put to consultation and tendered.
  • Positive provisioning is included in all road infrastructure projects.
  • Do away with a separate roads authority and minister.  Create a Planning-Transport-Health government oversight group to ensure integrated planning and priorities are set together.
  • Increase per person spending on cycling from under $5 to over $20 – rising to $50 over the first term.  The goal will be to double mode share rates in 3 years and again in 6.
  • Completely revamp transport priorities and spending to make people movement and safety #1 focus
  • Create a truth in advertising standard that does not allow ministers to knowingly make false or misleading announcements to the public.  False statements will be subject to advertised public retractions.
  • Achieve cross-party support for a 15 year plan on how NSW will answer transport challenges
  • Re-orient the mandate of Parliament’s StaySafe Committee to oversee implementation of transport goals including mode share, spending and safety targets.
  • Create a review of how public consultations are held, how they are responded to and their effectiveness in policy setting.

Programs and Projects

  • Re-instate the Greenway shared path from Cooks River into the CBD
  • Fix the Glebe Island Bridge to be reopened as a shared path for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Stop WestConnex and provide a more cost-effective solution for moving people not just cars
  • Build a cyclists ramp on the north side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and a pedestrian lift on the other side.  Complete integration with Harbourlink.
  • Reinstate the Coastline Cycleway program and provide more funding to accelerate its completion
  • Pass legislation that provides for rail trail development without relinquishing state control of the corridor
  • Create safety zones and approaches for all schools and parks to encourage cycling and walking by children, backed by well resourced Ride2School programs
  • Make cycling skills education mandatory for all school kids and offered to those re-learning cycling.
  • Ensure driver license testing includes stringent road sharing components backed by compelling media campaigns.