Reference & Experts Panel

List of Panel Members

Damian Maclennan – Owner and administrator of online cycling communities Sydney Cyclist, Melbourne Cyclist and Brisbane Cyclist

Elaena Gardner – Cycling Advocate, BUG President, Community Engagement Specialist

Warren Salomon – Sustainable Transport Consultant

Dr. Emma Pharo – Senior Lecturer Discipline of Geography, School of Land and Food, University of Tasmania

Bicycle Network  – “More People Cycling More Often”

Dr. Steven Fleming – Senior Lecturer, Architectural History, Theory and Design, University of Tasmania

Dr. Jan GarrardSenior Lecturer in Public Health, Deakin University

John McInerney – Architect, Town Planner and ex-Deputy Lord Mayor of City of Sydney

Geoff Morgan – co-Founder, Morgan & Banks/Talent2; Owner Morgan and Banks Investments

Dr. Angelina RussoAssociate Dean of Research and Professor of Cultural Practice, University of Canberra

Terms of Reference

The Reference and Experts Panel is being set up to assist the Australian Cyclists Party (“ACP”) in achieving its vision and strategic objectives.  The Panel will be made up of people/organisational representatives with established expertise in matters related to the adoption of cycling and support for cyclists – as well as the processes and policy initiatives of the Party.

These are the specific terms of reference for the Panel and Panellists:

  • The Panel is a people’s advisory group, wherein the members are selected to be diverse from various backgrounds that are directly or indirectly associated with cycling or cyclists or the workings of political parties.
  • The panellists may be from any profession but with a deep understanding of the issues that the Australian Cyclists Party wishes further assistance or insights on.
  • The Panellists can be either individuals or organisations represented by an appointed individual.  All Panellists must agree to the mission and objectives of the party.
  • The Panel works on the basis of a voluntary effort that relies on the goodwill of the Panellists to assist when they can.
  • Panel members are nominated and approved by members of the Australian Cyclists Party organising Committee.
  • Panel members may communicate their involvement on the Panel. However, they are not to speak on the Panel’s or the Party’s behalf unless agreed in advance.  A confidentiality agreement will cover all communications between Panellists and the Party.
  • By being appointed to a the Panel, a person or organisation is not deemed to be endorsing the ACP, its policies or candidates.


For many purposes, it is not necessary or useful for the Panel to meet as a whole. It may be useful for one or more Panel members to meet together or, more likely, with members of the ACP’s Committee in person or by email or Skype/teleconference. It may be helpful for the Committee to seek reviews of draft policies or approaches where a timely response may be essential for it to be considered.

We encourage proactive communications when a Panel member believes a contribution may be useful to a subject at hand or to anticipate an issue of relevance.