Previous Committee Members

We are proud of the diversity among our Committee members and we honour their commitment for serving the cause of the ACP has committed volunteers.  All remain members and continue to contribute to our work.  We list them here:

Angus Harker

Angus is a Graduate of Architecture and Urban Designer working in masterplanning, feasibility studies, design and project documentation.  With qualifications in urban design and architecture, Angus has also worked as a student planner at the NSW Department of Planning. He is currently working towards his registration as an architect.

Angus has a strong interest in architectural history, urban design and planning. He is passionate about multi-disciplinary approaches to the built environment and urban design issues for suburban, regional and rural Australia.

Angus is a keen urban cyclist. Outside of work he is involved in advocacy work to improve cycling infrastructure and cyclist safety.


Dave Gardiner

Dave has always ridden, a lot of that side ways but as he has got older that’s tending to straighten out, mostly due to wear and tear. Has commuted on and off by bike for 25 years in Sydney. Has spent enough time in medical care due to SMIDSY and believes we can do better on the roads we all pay for.

Early in his career Dave was a chef and worked at Ritz Carlton and Cottage Point.  He has a BE BSc is in mechatronics and physics.

Besides cycling, Dave enjoys skateboarding (sponsored), surfboarding and snowboarding.

Pip Vice

Pip grew up in London and has cycled all her life. She cycles in normal clothes and as a means to get from A to B. Pip believes passionately in enabling anyone to get on their bike.

Pip has been in the publishing industry all her working life. As a graduate of Art History she has worked with architectural and art magazines and has moved into the communications world with both cycling groups and photographers.

Pip is married with two teenage children, a dog rescue dog and she swims daily.