Preferences & HTV

The ACP has committed to transparency in all of its preferencing arrangements and endorsements for selected contests or non-grouped candidates.

Download our How to Vote card for your electorate:

For all NSW voters:
Voting in the upper house

For these lower house electorates:

NSW Election Preferences

We have committed to being open about our preference arrangements and we are today announcing the following.

Legislative Council or Upper House Group – Group X:
~ Labor:  #4 (that’s 3rd behind themselves)
~ Greens:  #2
~ Animal Justice:  #2

Preferences provided by the ACP to others:
Upper House Group Tickets
~ Labor:  #4
~ Greens:  #2
~ Animal Justice:  #3

Lower House
~ Newcastle – Labor #2

In seats we are contesting – Balmain, Newcastle, Newtown, North Shore, Willoughby and Wollongong – the ACP strongly suggests voting ACP #1 and then your own preferences to ensure your vote goes to the parties or individuals you prefer.

Preference Summary
These preferences will ensure that we are on millions of how to vote cards across Australia and that our priorities and members are important to other major parties.  In this election the LNP in particular is providing no reason for us to preference them

If you prefer to vote for the LNP or other parties in the Upper House and still send a message of support for cycling, please Vote 1 for the ACP and then number your own party preferences.


NSW Election Endorsements
The ACP will consider individual candidate endorsements for select Lower House contests and non-grouped or below the line Upper House individuals.

Upper House
~ Ron Pike, Country Party of Australia (

Lower House
~ Alex Greenwich, Independent for Sydney
~ Helen Dalton, Independent for Murray
~ David Mailler, Independent for Northern Tablelands