Our Values

Our Values 16-08-14.pdf

Our core values

  • Honesty and integrity in how we act
  • Passionate about what we stand for
  • Aspirational and optimistic in our vision of the future
  • Affinity for the needs of our members
  • Respect for diversity among individuals and communities
  • Pragmatic in our approach
  • Determination in achieving our goals

Our guiding values

We support a properly functioning government that supports the aspirations and needs of all of its citizens including:

  • Empowering individuals to be capable and self-reliant
  • Strengthening communities to be resilient and able to overcome their challenges with a localised approach
  • Investing wisely in innovation to create job opportunities and national wealth
  • Adopting evidence-based and pragmatic approaches to policy solutions
  • Balancing individual rights with community responsibility
  • Creating a sustainable economy that serves and safeguards individual and community interests
  • Respecting the environment to ensure the health and prosperity of current and future generations
  • Using long term planning horizons to underpin major investment and policy decisions
  • Representing the highest ideals of being Australian and our standing as a respected member of the international community
  • Ensuring freedom from corruption, intimidation, and behaviours unbecoming of its leadership role through transparency
  • Collaborating and engaging in the running of government

More specifically, we believe in addressing the nation’s cycling and mobility issues including:

  • Recognising the interdependence of transport, health, planning and other government functions in supporting the healthy modes of sustainable transport
  • Working to ensure cycling and other active transport choices are perceived safe and represent low injury risk
  • Fostering an environment of mutual respect and obligation by all individuals to each other regardless of their chosen transport choice
  • Ensuring enforcement measures and liability laws encourage safer co-existence of cyclists and other road users
  • Providing appropriate infrastructure and other measures to pro-actively and adequately support cycling – backed by all levels of government
  • Embracing the importance of community engagement and fair, equitable and evidence-based processes in assessing transport priorities and spending