Our Approach

  1. Establish a National Organising Committee to manage the Australian Cyclists Party and to create a constitution and entity to manage funding and fund-raising.  Status:  Committee and Constitution established; 6 of  7 Committee Members chosen.
  2. Establish an Advisory Group to act as resources to help the National Organising Committee as required.  Status:  In progress, completion by March 2014
  3. Establish the need and support for the party through Membership drives in each State  and Territory with upcoming elections on a rolling basis, with priority given to States and Territories with upcoming elections or registration deadlines.  Status:  NSW now complete; Vic in final stage; Federal awaiting verification.  Other states and territories are at various stages of initial organisation.
  4. If successful, in reaching the required numbers, register as a Party in each contestable State and at the National level.  Status:  NSW completed; Vic 450 of 500 registered.
  5. Create State-based organisations and appoint state officers coordinated through the National Organising Committee.  Status:  State Officers appointed for NSW and Vic.
  6. The National Organising Committee will in the first round of elections approve candidates for pre-selection to ensure the quality of candidates and consistency of direction.  Status:  Open
  7. The National Organising Committee will take steps to be prepared to contest for national Senate elections as they may arise.  Status:  Open