Other Policy Positions

The ACP’s focus is on transport, health and planning.  That covers a lot of ground.  On these and other issues we have stated that we will be guided by the evidence and our Values in making determinations – not ideologies.  Many times the detail of legislation is what is really important.

However, we realise that there are a number of issues in this election that matter a lot that voters will want to consider in casting their vote.  We offer our approach to them below in the absence of specific legislation.

NSW Election Issues

    • We do not support WestConnex. We believe it is formulated for the last century not for the one we are in. Let’s get a proper transport strategy that looks at cost-effective movement of people not just vehicles.
    • We do not support Poles and Wires sell-off. We are not against privatisation; however, creating a private monopoly has few public advantages; and if the primary goal is funding road projects that means turning productive assets into non-productive ones, then that is a particularly bad idea.
    • We would support government steps to looking into legalised euthanasia with the proper ethical, medical and legal oversight.
    • We support marriage between consenting adult partners regardless of gender.
    • We are against CSG exploration on farmland and water catchment or sensitive areas. The benefits of CSG may be great for companies but the small monetary reward pales against the risks to communities. We have to have food and water security, we don’t have to have CSG.  Let the science not business interests guide our decisions.