Noel McFarlane

Noel McFarlane

Lives: Lower North Shore

Occupation: Bike Producer

Candidate for the Legislative Assembly – Seat of Newtown

Noel has been in the bike industry for 35 years. Mostly as a wholesaler (Gemini/Mongoose/Cervelo) but also as a touring bike designer and producer (Vivente World Randonneur). He also owns a farm in Northwest Tasmania. Noel has been a long term bike industry activist and helped set up the CPF in Australia.

Noel does not own a car and cycles over 10,000km a year. He loves to go on bike tours. At his stage in life (61) he is lucky to be touring internationally several times a year. He sees first hand how bikes are used in many counties. His advocacy focus is particularly on Canberra where he sees top-down policy development and tied funding as the keys to bringing change in Australia.

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