It is very important all donations comply with State and Federal Electoral Funding regulations.  The summary of these are below however it is a donor’s responsibility to ensure they comply with all funding regulations that may apply to them or their company.

  • All donors must be registered voters and on the electoral roll at state, local government or federal levels in Australia.
  • Donations are being voluntarily capped by the Australian Cyclists Party at under $1,000 ($999 or less) per person or company per financial year.
  • Companies and other entities who make a political donation must have an ABN and or other approved business number must supply that number when making a donation.  A donation with a company check or from a company account will be considered a company donation.
  • Donations are being made to the Australian Cyclists Party an ASIC registered national association as defined by our Constitution that may fund party efforts at federal, state or local levels.
  • A donor’s name (or company name) may be publicly revealed in our mandatory disclosure statements about donations to the party.
  • If you have questions regarding a donation, please contact your accountant or the respective electoral funding authority.
  • Donors may have an obligation to disclose political donations to the Election Funding Authority

The Australian Cyclists Party is a grass-roots organisation that depends completely on the donations from our members and supporters for funding.  We have purposefully set up the party to run on as low a cost basis as possible by focusing on online interactions to recruit and communicate with members.  We also count on volunteers for our efforts.

To ensure our independence, we self-funded our initial registration efforts.  However, to keep going we now need your help – please consider donating what you can.  Please use the Donate button on the top right hand side of this page.  If you would like to do a direct deposit, please contact us as we will need to collect your name and address first.

The Australian Cyclists Party is an incorporated association set up as a not for profit.  It is not qualified as a charity, however, donations are tax deductible according to the ATO:  Political parties are not deductible gift recipients (DGRs). However, contributions and gifts to political parties and independent candidates and members may be claimed as income tax deductions.

If you use our online donation facility you will automatically get a receipt of your transaction via PayPal and your bank.  Should you require an additional invoice please contact us at

As a donor, it is important that you comply with applicable regulations when considering making a donation.


  • NEW:  According to the NSW EFA due to court challenges regarding the restriction on corporate funding: “You are permitted to accept political donations from entities including corporations assuming the donors are not otherwise prohibited donors (e.g. property developers). We will write to party agents to advise of any amendments are made to the legislation”
  • The donation limit is $5500 for the 2014 financial year as we are now a registered party (we have voluntarily capped the amount to less than $1000).  For the 2015 financial year the donation limit to a registered party is  $5,700.
  • Donations can only be accepted from individuals who are on the electoral roll for federal, state and local government elections and from entities with an ABN or other approved business number.


Political donations are either reportable or small as follows:

  • all donations with a value of or exceeding $1,000 are reportable political donations ($999 is our capped limit)
  • political donations with a value of less than $1,000 made by a donor are small political donations
  • a small political donation is in fact a reportable political donation if that donation and other donations made by the donor to the same recipient in the same financial year in aggregate total $1,000 or more
  • For further information:


There is currently no limitation as to who or how much can be donated in Victoria (besides gambling and licensing organisations – see below) however, disclosure of amounts over $15,400 must be disclosed to comply with AEC regulation (we have nonetheless capped our donation limit to less than $1,000 – $999 or less – per financial year per individual or company).

  • Donations from gambling licence-holders capped at $50,000
  • Donations from casino and gaming licence-holders capped at $50,000



  • Donations above $12,400 must be disclosed
  • No cap on donations
  • No restriction on donors

Western Australia

  • Gifts and other income above $2,100 must be disclosed

Northern Territory

  • Gifts over $1,500 must be disclosed


  • Must disclose donations over $1,000


  • Donations over $1,000 must be disclosed
  • Donations are capped at $2,000 to individuals, $5,000 to parties
  • Considering move to be in line with federal legislation

South Australia

  • New reforms to be introduced in 2015

For all  States and Territories please check with your respective Electoral Commission or Funding Authority for their specific rules on donating to a political party as laws may change.  If in doubt, also contact a qualified accountant.