Cycling Is…

  1. cycling is a proven healthy activity for people of all ages – CHECK
  2. cycling can benefit the environment by reducing petrol consumption – CHECK
  3. cycling is a great form of sport – CHECK
  4. cycling can be enjoyed no matter how fast or slow you ride – CHECK
  5. cycling is a cheap form of transport – CHECK
  6. cycling can alleviate road congestion and reduce the need to build even more costly roads – CHECK
  7. cycling can be a very social activity to do with friends or meet new friends – CHECK
  8. cycling with your family makes for a great day out – CHECK
  9. cycling can be a tourism driver especially in regional areas with rail trails – CHECK
  10. cycling friendly communities tend to be more liveable communities – CHECK
  11. cycling has a very proud Australian history – CHECK
  12. cycling with a new electric-boosted bicycle makes it easier than ever for more people to cycle – CHECK
  13. cycling is no longer an issue for the “right” or “left” to fight over – it is now a mainstream issue – CHECK
  14. cycling in Australia needs greater attention to make it more attractive to more people – CHECK CHECK
  15. cycling is just plain fun – CHECK CHECK CHECK