Candidate Information Page

Victoria:  We would like to thank all 17 candidates that ran for the Australian Cyclists Party in the just completed election.  While we may have not secured a seat this time, we have proven that we can mobilise support and be a force for change.

Federal:  We are not accepting expressions of interest at this time.

Candidate Selection Process

  1. You need to be a member of the ACP and in agreement with our Values and Constitution (both found under The Party tab).
  2. Email us at and state that you are interested in being considered as a lead candidate or support candidate accompanied by a CV or equivalent – it does not need to be formal but should highlight relevant experience and interests.  Please make sure to include a contact phone number and best times to reach you.
  3. A personal briefing by phone with you about the procedure and obligations of being a candidate – this will further clarify how it works, who gets selected for what region, etc.

A signed confidentiality agreement and signed probity declaration from you as well as a valid police background check (available through your local police office).

  1. A follow-on phone or video conference by the Pre-Selection Committee.
  2. A response from the ACP about your pre-selection.

All communications should be addressed to