Membership Dues FAQ

What do membership dues go towards?

We don’t believe that running a party should be expensive.  The ACP runs on a tight cost structure depending on volunteers and effective digital communications to minimise our costs.  However there are still significant costs involved including the following:

    • Electoral commission party filing fees (state and federal)
    • Accounting and auditing fees
    • Web site hosting and payment for security and other software tools and plugins
    • Cost of our member management software
    • Promotion costs on social media
  • Printing costs for handouts, banners, etc
  • Post office box rental

How were ACP dues determined?

We looked at our current costs and donations and the shortfall today and gauging the anticipated costs for our growth.  We then benchmarked against large and small parties including Shooters and Fishers Party ($30 regular member), Future Party ($54), Greens ($60/$20 Concession), the ALP ($50/$20) and the LNP ($110/$45) to arrive at what we believe is a reasonable compromise at the lower end of the pricing scale.  We were also committed to keeping the tiers simple and the process easy to manage.

What if I am not in a position to pay to be a member right now?

While we hope most will transition quickly, all of our current members will remain members until mid-year regardless.  By that time we anticipate that all of our members will have had time to transition to a fully paid membership status.

Are there risks to the party by going to a dues-based membership?

We believe the time is now right to make this shift.  We recognise that some members may not want to pay and we may lose a few – if we lose many it could affect our ability to qualify for future elections.  However, without financial support we also know our future is at risk.