The Party

There should be no need for a cyclists party if the major parties were looking after us.  They haven’t been.

For decades cyclists have pushed, prodded, begged, knocked on doors, written countless submissions, rode in protest, signed petitions and defied frankly pretty lousy conditions to exercise their right to enjoy cycling in Australia.

For all of that, and the many studies demonstrating the benefits of cycling, most areas in Australia are well behind in developing infrastructure and reasonable cycling facilities and attitudes. Many cyclists who have ridden elsewhere in the world have been left wondering why we cannot do better here? Why has cycling been demonised, politicised and criticised so often in the media and by government officials? Why has no party made improving cycling a high priority? Not just talking about doing it, but committing to an approach with resources that can make a big difference.

Should we stop trying so hard to convince those that don’t want to be convinced? Should we instead do as other groups are doing and seek positions of power to redress the imbalance? Is this the time to get on with it?

An effort has begun to help answer these questions and figure out what we could do and what we should do and how we approach it? Interested in getting involved? Please contact us!

The Australian Cyclists Party is a grass-roots organisation that is being created by a small group of committed cycling advocates. A constitution is currently being developed and will form a part of the official electoral registration process in each state the party enters.