2016 Federal Election

The ACP has qualified as a national party and has decided to put forward Senate candidates in all 6 states for the next Federal Election.

What’s next?  To realise our goal we face two major challenges:
– Identifying at least one qualified candidate from each state.
– Raising sufficient funds for the ongoing functioning of the ACP and for election preparation expenses.

What can you do to help?
1. If you are not already a member, please consider becoming one – you can sign up at www.icycleivote.com (you need to be enrolled to vote in Australia)
2. Whether you are a member or a potential donor, please respond positively to our upcoming funding drives.
3.  If you or someone you know may be interested in being a candidate, please send a brief CV, relevant qualifications and your personal motivation for being a candidate to candidate@icycleivote.com

How did we arrive at our decision?
It is based on what we see as the ongoing pressing need to use direct political leverage to improve policy decisions that not only affect cycling but also the liveability of our cities and communities.  Whether you walk, cycle, take public transport or use a motor vehicle the ACP believes we need to fundamentally change our transport priorities and available choices.

These policies are directly linked to health, planning and the proper functioning of our economy.  Federal policy plays a key role in priority setting and funding of major projects.  Our policy approach is evidence – not ideologically – based.

Our decision is also based on the positive response from our involvement in two state elections and the strong support of over 2000 members, 37 candidates and the dedication of our Committee and Advisory and Reference Panel.

While we did not secure a seat in parliament in our first round of elections, we did earn a seat a the table with other parties and had a direct impact on their policies.  Even now we have been in discussions with minor and major parties about the next elections and the development of policies we can support.

With so much at stake, we feel compelled to keep going.